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Welcome to Humpty Dumpsters, the most straightforward and fun-loving dumpster rental service you'll find in Grand Junction, CO. With our user-friendly online booking system, you can schedule a dumpster rental without breaking a sweat, whether it's for residential or construction clean-up. We like to keep things simple and snappy, so you can get back to what's important—like deciding what to toss and what to keep.

Now, we may have a sense of humor about what we do, but make no mistake: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We're here to answer your questions and make sure your roll-off dumpster arrives right on time, every time. Serving the greater Mesa County area, we're all about providing service that's as reliable as it is cheerful. Your project is our project, and we're committed to making the dumpster rental part as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right dumpster for your job is crucial, and we've made it as easy as scrambling an egg. Our dumpsters come in a range of sizes from 15 to 18 yards, suitable for everything from small home clean-ups to big construction gigs. Just use our straightforward sizing guide to pick the best fit, and voila—your dumpster is reserved faster than you can say "Western Slope waste management."

We're all about offering bang for your buck. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, so you know you're getting great value along with top-notch service. From junk removal to waste management, we set the bar high while keeping costs low. It's what makes us the go-to choice for dumpster rentals in Grand Junction and across the Western Slope.

So if you're in Grand Junction or anywhere in Mesa County and find yourself in need of a dumpster, give Humpty Dumpsters a whirl. We're the easy, reliable, and just-a-little-bit-fun solution to all your dumpster rental and waste removal needs. Come see why contractors and homeowners alike trust us to take care of their most challenging clean-up projects. Book your dumpster today and let's kick that clutter to the curb!

Dumpster rental prices

... that don't stink.

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15 Yard Dumpster

Our 15-yard roll-off dumpster is the perfect middle-ground for all your junk removal needs in Grand Junction! Spacious yet compact, ideal for everything from home renovations to small construction projects.

Holds up to 6 Pickup Truck Loads

  • Rental Time:
    3 days included + $10/day

  • Cost per ton:

  • Dimensions:
    L: 14' x W: 8' x H: 4.5'

Our flexible pricing makes it easy to stay on budget

$280 USD/day

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Base price is for 3 days and no tonnage.

20 Yard Dumpster

Our 20-yard roll-off dumpster is the go-to choice for larger clean-up projects in Mesa County! With ample space for construction debris or big home cleanouts, it is your heavyweight champ for tackling serious clutter.

Holds up to 8 Pickup Truck Loads

  • Rental Time:
    3 days included + $10/day

  • Cost per ton:

  • Dimensions:
    L: 18' x W: 8' x H: 5'

Our flexible pricing makes it easy to stay on budget

$280 USD/day

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Base price is for 3 days and no tonnage.

Grand Junction Junk Hauling

We take just about everything

Some examples of the junk we haul away include

Garbage Removal
Say goodbye to piles of trash! Our garbage removal service makes it easy to declutter your space, whether you're in Grand Junction or across the Western Slope.
Mattress Disposal
Got an old mattress that's become a royal pain? Let us whisk it away for a hassle-free mattress disposal experience in Mesa County.
Foreclosure Clean-Outs
When properties change hands, the junk shouldn't. We specialize in swift and thorough foreclosure clean-outs, ensuring a fresh start in Grand Junction.
Construction Waste Removal
Building something awesome? We'll handle the not-so-awesome construction waste so you can focus on the finish line.
Yard Waste Removal
Turn your jungle into a garden! Our yard waste removal service helps you get rid of unwanted organic waste, so you can enjoy your outdoor space again.
Trash Removal
Overflowing trash? No problem! We'll swoop in to clear it out, making your property feel like a breath of fresh air.
Appliance Removal
Upgrading your appliances? We'll take the old ones off your hands, offering convenient and eco-friendly appliance removal services.
Furniture Removal
Switching up your interiors? We're on hand to remove old furniture, making room for the new in an efficient and courteous manner.
Hot Tub Disposal
Soaking in a new hot tub? We'll dispose of the old one safely and efficiently, no sweat!

Dumpster Rental Service Area

Are you looking for the ultimate solution for cleaning up your home or managing construction debris? Look no further! Humpty Dumpsters specializes in providing top-notch roll-off dumpster rentals in Mesa County and extends its exceptional services to surrounding areas within a (roughly) 50-mile radius. Whether you're a homeowner diving into a decluttering marathon or a contractor working on a large-scale construction project, we've got the ideal dumpster to suit your needs.

From the heart of Grand Junction to the far reaches of the Western Slope, we're committed to bringing you reliable, efficient, and friendly waste management solutions.

So, why settle for anything less when you can enjoy the best dumpster rental service right here in Mesa County and beyond? If you're in the Grand Junction or Mesa county area, you're never too far away to benefit from our exceptional service. Let Humpty Dumpsters be your go-to partner for all your cleanup needs, wherever you are!

Customer Testimonials

“Humpty Dumpster Rentals delivered on time and provided outstanding customer service. Recommend them to all my friends!”

Blake C.

“I ordered a dumpster from Humpty Dumpster Rentals a few weeks ago. They delivered on time, and I will definitely use them again!”

Jacob S.